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Estimate the Deh Cho Bridge's cost.

The Deh Cho Bridge is being financed with a $165 million bond issue to be repaid over 35 years, and with additional funds provided from current GNWT appropriations. This calculator is my effort to show the costs of that funding, and other Bridge expenditures, over that 35 year period and (as an example) for the first year of operations.

Some things are unknown - the major variable is the estimated level of freight traffic that will generated by existing and proposed North Slave mines. Adjust the options (more are available by clicking the "advanced options" checkbox) and press Calculate to see the results of different assumptions. The 35-year totals have been converted to 2011 dollars using a default 2% inflation rate - the actual dollar figures will grow larger as the years go by. Numbers have been calculated by your friendly neighbourhood NorthernRaven, and come with no warranty!

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Opening date for the bridge.
Last year of toll collection.
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Mine tonnage on winter ice road.
Customized mine freight projections.
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Help on hover Estimated annual operating costs for the Bridge.
Help on hover Annual costs of toll collection.
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$165.4 million - Bonds.
$35.9 million - Cash from GNWT
$202 million
$6-13 million - Govt. of New Brunswick for Atcon guarantee.
Unused portion will be returned

Help on hover through (2011 dollars)
Help on hover $??? Principal and Interest repayment on the bonds. $???
Help on hover + $??? Cost overruns in the construction budget (2010-2012). $???
  + n/a Tolling infrastructure capital costs $???
  = $??? Capital expenditures $???

Help on hover + $??? Annual operations and maintenance costs for Bridge. $???
  + $??? Toll collection costs $???
  + n/a Involvement Grant to Fort Providence ???
  + $200,000 Opportunity Grant to Fort Providence ???
+ ??? Costs of extra $26 million debt ???
  = $??? Operating expenditures $???

  = $??? Total expenditures $???

Community Tolls
  Mine traffic tolls
Help on hover - $??? Toll Revenue estimate Help on hover$???

Help on hover = $??? Net Cash Expenditure $???

Help on hover - ??? Ferry Savings ???

Help on hover   n/a Lost Toll Revenue (2011-2012) $???
Help on hover n/a Extra ferry and icebridge costs (2011-2012) $???
  +   2011 delay costs guesstimate $???

Help on hover = ??? Net Cost (shortfall to GNWT) ???

Using data from the Department of Transportation's Weigh-In-Motion scale, which breaks traffic down by axle counts, here is the hypothetical shortfall to the GNWT ("Net Cost") for previous years had the bridge existed, given the assumed tolls from that year's traffic. The variability comes from the fluctuating amount of mine freight.
2008 ??? ???
2009 ??? ???
2010 ??? ???
2011 ??? ???